The Final Shot - A Team's Destiny

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This is a phenomenal true sports story that happened in a town in Utah that most people can't even pronounce; Tooele, tu:'ila. This story is about a team of destiny that learned about life, compassion, and athletic achievement. It is a real underdog story, a modern day Hoosiers, one miracle after another happened. Was it fate, divine intervention, or was it destiny? The message is delivered to us by an underdog comprised of fifteen boys, five assistant coaches, and their head coach. They started out as individuals then worked to  become a team who loved and respected each other. The team was plagued with setbacks and surrouded by an unending array of naysayers and skeptics. For their head coach it would become a love for his players, his family, his hometown, and a battle for life itself.

David J. Yarbrough & Dan Garth Haskell
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